Umbrella Ghost

Mdm A stays with her daughter & 2 grandchildren. One day,while Mdm A was on her way home after marketing, she saw a unwanted umbrella on the ground. Seeing that it was still in good condition, Mdm A decided to bring the umbrella home & her nightmare begins..

Her 2 grandchildren starts to behave unusual. They becomes very naughty out of a sudden. At times, they would see a female shadow moving around in the house. The female ghost also disturb them & pinch them till blue black.An appointment was made with Master Sung to audit their house fengshui & Mdm A's Daughter & son inlaw(Mrs & Mr B) Destiny analysis which is also known as Bazi and me to exorcise the ghost

Upon arriving, we had a short chat with the couple. We were told that Mdm A had just throw the umbrella under a tree on that morning. Mdm A thought that by throwing away the umbrella, the lady ghost will automatic leave the house but she was wrong.

Master Sung proceed to audit their house fengshui & bazi analysis while I setup my altar. I summon energy & open my 3rd eye to scan for the lady ghost & found her. We had a long negotiation. She refused to leave the house although Mdm A had thrown the umbrella away under the tree.

I decided to scare her by summoning energy ball to both my hands after which she gives in and agree to leave the house. As the ghost consists of negative energy, the whole house is filled with her negative energy which will affect the owners. I proceed to cleanse the house negative energy & instill postive energy.

By then, Master Sung summarised his fengshui audit giving them fengshui cures.

Tailgate by spirits after attending funeral

3rd Jan 2011
Yishun Ring Road

1st time attended a indian funeral with my colleagues. Reached there can feel strong energy causing my crown chakra to feel the pain.The body is placed on the floor inside the house so we went up to the house..

We were told to stand around the body, & silence for a min, when inside, my whole crown was throbbing & 3rd eye chakra also…my right hand was also shivering indicating a strong presence of spirits around...then go down to void deck & wait until sent off…Before they carry the coffin down, they were blowing the horn…from there, the presence of spirits were greater.

During the ritual, when the coffin was inside the car, i saw a group of spirits gathering around the coffin car…from there onwards, my crown chakra pressure was heavy...I knew some spirits were around me but didnt ask them what they want until 8plus i meet Jas, the moment she step into my car…her crown chakra & 3rd eye was painful…so I ask her to do her protection, her hearing was also affected…& could hardly breathe
When jas alight from the car, she feel alright….After sent her home, I saw an old indian man with white tall turban, i went back to do the neccessary & see what he want… I saw a group of spirits lead by that old indian man & they seek my help to chao du...

In any funerals, remember not to say the wrong things. There are many spirits that crowd around at the funerals, they are the relatives, friends of the deceased & some passerbys..

Haunted Shoe Shop @ Marina Square

Location: Marina Square Shopping Centre
Date: 17 Aug
Time: 10pm

Ms S move into the shopping centre 6 yrs ago after a major renovation. Some of her staffs saw a lady ghost in white inside the shop, heard the ghost whisperings..It will also called out the staff names. Once, a customer daughter was pointing at the top of the shoe shelf in the store asking why there is a lady sitting so high up at the shelf….

Was waiting outside the shop for Ms S.While entering the shop, could feel the negative energy inside the shop. After chat for a while, start my chanting…the negative energy is getting stronger & stronger that my right hand is shaking…2 ladies appeared…one showed me her ghostly face…her eyes were empty without eyeballs,…asked them why they are there…she mentioned that they followed one of Ms S Staff to the shop….advised them to leave & go reincarnate…& dont disturb Ms S from doing business & I will help to 超度 them..they agreed..& I started my chanting…after they left… went around the shop to cleanse the energy restoring back positive energy..followed by sealing up the shop to prevent any other ghosts from coming..

Energy Healing for the Sick Soul

Location: Bukit Batok
Date: 13 July
Time: 8pm

Ms A has been ill for more than a week & there were no findings from the medical test that she had taken.
Zacken99, Lady Shaura & me went to attend to her.

Lady Shaura sat down & starts her chanting to summon the Divine to assist the healing as Ms A is relaxing. Zacken99 & I begin to scan thoroughly for any energy deficiency. The negative energy was cleared & positive energy has been replenished back to Ms A.

It took about 45mins to complete & Ms A felt better & lighter. Ms A has not been taking care of her health & insufficent resting resulting in low energy level. She has to take good care of her health & rest well .

Soul Release | 超度亡魂

Location: Singapore Casket
Date: 1st July
Time: 9pm

A friend's auntie passed on and asked me to perform 超度 for her at Singapore Casket.

Upon reaching the place, there is a very strong energy surrounding the area. I setup my stuffs and start performing the ritual, and the energy just gets stronger and stronger. His auntie had alot of attachments to this world and was quite stubborn about staying. After several rounds of advice, I finally got her to let go of all her attachments and move on. Invited 观世音菩萨 to bring her go.





卡阴的人是否相信自己卡阴?有些人因为自己没有感觉,身体没有不妥,所以不相信自己卡了阴。还有许多人认为“祖先应该保佑子孙,为何找我麻烦”? “离婚就离婚,为何还要办断缘”? “别人的祖先,冯什么来找我”?



还没出世的婴儿,因意外流产胎死腹中(包括人工受孕)或者被堕胎,都会成婴靈。婴靈无法投胎,它不是鬼也不是魔但它有着比鬼魂更大的怨气, 更加的凶。如果没妥当的超度,它将会用不同方式来危害跟它有冤的人。



Haunted Semi-D @ Siglap

Location: Siglap Semi-Detached House
Date: 23 April 2010
Time : 10.15pm

Mr & Mrs Y bought this current house & reconstructed it 3 years ago.Previous owner left deceased father photo & candle behind. The photo & candle was just remove like that by the solicitor.

Since then, things started to goes wrong from the start of reconstruction.From losing much money in the stock market to parent passing away after moving in to stay together within few months & lots of hiccups in business.

As Mr Y previously was a tangki helper & was immersed in Gods, there were many statues including 阴府神 such as 大二亚伯,牛头马面 etc. Now only left 阿弥陀佛,观音普萨,济公,齐天大圣,关公,土地公。。

The moment i walked near the main door & enter the house...could feel strong negative energy...Request Mrs Y to show me round the whole house....found nothing at the 2nd & 3rd floor...ask her not to let the children come down & I setup my altar at the living room near the main door .

Once setup, start off with 大轮金刚陀罗尼 follow by 烟供..summon ling energy to 3rd eye & see old man & few wandering spirits loitering around the carporch to oldman in 靈语 ask me why harass the new owners..he say because they no respect for him...come in no proper invite him go just throw the photo & candle away..tell him he already cause so much problem already...ask him to leave the house....he refused....then i 运靈 & raise up my both hands palm wide open & scared him...then he agree...

Without delay, chant omnpmh, tears started to roll down...see that the oldman abit sad...after a while the old man & the few wandering spirits disappear...

Next light up the candle to cleanse energy.Then i chant OBRKRKZL...after a while I strolled every corner of the house with Mr Y holding the candle chanting tayata om gate gate until it burnts off.

Then i pass some 愣严咒 cards to them to put at 4 corner of the house every level.The finishing part, use 朱砂 to seal up the main door.After a small chat with them, I left the house around 1230am.


Location: Homeground
Date: 12 Feb 2010
Time 8pm

During meditation, saw a white haired old man, a boy & an aunty.Keep appearing.Sense that want me to do something for them, which is to 超度 them. Setup the necessary.

While chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, the boy disappear with the aunty.The old man still stay behind.Use heart talk to him, also don’t want to go, use 灵语 ask him let go, put down all attachments, also don’t want, then auto sing tayata om gate gate (asking him to let go..)…he also refused. Hence, I raise up my right hand, 运灵发白光 then he agree to go…

then i chant Om Mani Padme Hum & old man go off liao…really 执着


Location: Homeground

On 18 Jan 2010, while meditating,saw myself doing 烟供.A long spiky hair lady came to me and disappear. Next day during meditation, saw the same lady and sense that she want me to help her 超度.

After meditation,setup 烟供炉,the lady came with other men. After finish, they disappear.

Haunted Shophouse @ Duxton Road

Location: Duxton 3 storey Shophouse
Date:15 Jan 2010

Mr M was seated at attic. While working late in the wee hours, he fall asleep. Out of nowhere, he was slapped and he looked around.There was no one in the office except him and it was 3am. Maybe predator?? or Lord of the rings?? He also heard someone using keyboard at level 3 office in one of the night but he found no one.

Mr J was working late in the night. On his way to the toilet, he saw a shadow walked past him.

On 10 Jan 2010, I went to the attic & Jingzuo.My right hand was trembling, saw 2 spirits, a boy & a man. Use my mind ask them what they want, & they reply, 超度. Then jasmine came calling me.

Upon discussion with mR, was told to do 烟供.Reached at 7.30pm with my barangs.Jas say her crown & 3rd eye chakra got pressure & the spirits are around her.She quickly packed up & left.

DO PJHS & Setup 烟供炉 in the office and open the window.As i was going to light up, a strong wind gush in & close the window.Ignore it & carry on lighting. Before the 招请, already can feel their prescence.Carry on the procedures & visualizations.

Then came the Om Mani Padme Hum part, on the 1st 2 calling out to Guan Yin Pusa, there was this numbness felt on my whole head & white light. The 1st 10 Chanting Om Mani Padme Hum, tears started to flow drop by drop.

Shortly, the image of a small boy killed in a car accident appear, follow by a man killed in fire. Started to feel their sadness, attachement.Within seconds, waterfall formed,tears started to pour,feel very compassionate.While chanting,using my 灵 to tell them to let go all attachments & reincarnate, forget & forgive, be happy, let go …let go….let go…then ended the 烟供.

Went up to the attic to 静坐, this time right hand no shake already, but still talk to them using 灵语 to let go all attachments…let go…let go….Then I pack up & go.